Helping Your Children Reach Their Potential
Westchester County, New York

Why We Are Different

Elite Teachers: We are a boutique group of high level professionals who have a calling for education. We have retained the best local teachers in Fairfield County, Connecticut who have decided to also tutor. In addition, our powerhouse list of educators includes medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, investment bankers, college professors, military officers and other professionals who are master communicators and educators. The talent level of our teachers is far superior to other educational consultancies and tutoring organizations. Since teaching quality is the chief difference in educational services, this factor alone makes The Learning Consultants best positioned to serve your child.

Motivational Shifting: We not only shift our students’ grades and test scores but also change their relationship to school and work through our mastery paradigms. Simply put, we will change your children’s emotional connection to school and inspire them to become self-directed. In doing so, we will help your relationship with them by removing the constant need to nag. This is radically different than most tutoring organizations which focus exclusively on the subject matter.  This motivational shifting is particularly critical for many students from Fairfield County who are not particularly self-directed.

Best Practices: Our intellectual property related to the design of our programs is the result of over a decade and a half of refining and honing the best methods to approach school, tests, and other areas of our consulting practices. Our strategies for teaching; our manner of coaching; and our overall way of interacting with clients is distinctly different than franchises which perpetuate training manuals from years past.  If you are considering other Fairfield County or Connecticut tutoring organizations, we would encourage you to consider other boutique educational consultancies.  Most are superior to national franchises.

Customized: Despite our growth, we hold dearly to our individualized attention, client serving, Connecticut community minded approach. We know that you and your circumstances are unique. We will treat you accordingly.

Our Mastery Methodology: We approach our work with the same philosophical commitment to excellence exhibited by elite professionals of any discipline. We seek to be master teachers by imparting a similar sense of mastery to all our students. All of our work, test prep, tutoring, counseling, and student mastery itself has a foundation in this philosophy. But, our specific Student Mastery program can best explain how we approach our work.